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About Me

My name is Diane Wilder

Growing up dyslexic was extremely difficult back in my day; no one knew about dyslexia back then.  I would hear growing up, “she is very intelligent, but does not apply herself”.  I was constantly bullied by kids who thought I was stupid. I graduated high school with a 2nd grade level of reading. Handicap, yes! But it never stopped me from learning; I just have to do things differently. Anyone reading this will see that I am not well versed in grammar or my writing ability. I have always used the creative side of my brain. I am self taught in photoshop and illustrator and other Adobe products. I have been using all of Adobe products for twenty plus years.  I  went to work for a very large newspaper as a graphic artist and worked for them for close to a decade. I owned and operated a monthly newspaper for many years as well.  I even went back to school for crime scene photography!  My passion is creating visual art and photography. My love of animals will probably show in my design. All of my children are fur babies. Currently I have two horses, three cats, and one dog.  I am an independent old lady (ha ha) and just want to do beautiful designs for my clients. I hope you enjoy my designs.

My favorite view
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