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Here are a couple of examples on "How it's Made".
Each photo is custom made & no two are alike.  
I start by removing the backgrounds.
Then I will start adding elements, it could be

a photo, texture or paint brush strokes.
I will continue to build until I have the finished design.

My western town.png

The Finished Design Above. The photos below are everything I used to create the above photo. All images used are mine, except the road photos.

Raod Used Screen.png
road used 2 screen.png
My western town original screen.png
House by vickis Screen.png
wooden nickle screen 1.png
Ruby barn screen.png
John wyane horse Screen.png
Boy hitting base ball 2.png
Boy base ball No backgd.png
Boy hitting base ball 1 Screen.png

Original Photo

Added Effect

Removed Background

Boy base ball 4.png
Boy base ball 3.png
Boy base ball 5.png

Adding Different Textures to Background

Boy hitting BB final screen.png

Finished Product

Dad Car Screen.png

Original Photo

Dad Just Car Screen.png

Removed Background

Dad Sky replace Screen.png
Dad Route 66 road Screen.png
Dad restaurant Sign Screen.png

Added Elements

Dad final framaed screen.png

Finished Product

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